Are Things Not Going Your Way?

Has it ever happened with you that things in your life are not going according to what you wished or thought?

That Job reply never came.

That message or call never returned.

That business proposal got rejected.

That trip you were planning to go, but missed due to urgency.

And many other such things..

We often tend to believe that life would serve us according to what we have hoped for and if it doesn’t (which is more often the case if we observe) then we feel sad, anxious and many other such feelings and end up saying that “Life is not fair at all”.

But you know what, Life isn’t fair to Anyone. And that’s how it is fair to Everyone.

If Life doesn’t happen our way or in a certain way, we sit down broke and hurt, blaming life and people around us.

Just imagine a World where everything would turn out exactly the way we thought. Then how boring our life would become, don’t you think so?

And you know what, in this whole process we tend to ignore the fact that there is always another way to see it, to do it and to solve anything which we really want.

But no, we don’t. We just quit.

Instead of asking ourselves what we should do now, we overthink why this happened to me.

Instead of focusing on finding solutions, we focus and create more problems for ourselves.

We forget that everyone faces the same problems, even the successful people. But they don’t quit. They just stay with the problem for a little longer.

They know that it is hard to stick with a problem, and face all the struggles to find it’s solution.

But they keep trying.

They know that it is quite uncertain, it is hard almost like a balloon filled with water to it’s last capacity before it just bursts, but they keep going because they understand that this is what makes them successful today and their life worthwhile as well as interesting to live.

They know that it seems difficult and hazy right now to solve the problem but they know that it is worth their time and efforts.

Fight for what you want or else don’t cry or complain for what you lost. You don’t get what you want. You get what you work for.

So, the next time you find that things aren’t going your way, instead of avoiding and jumping to the next part of your life, take a step back, breathe and ask yourself, is it helping you solve the problem or avoiding and creating a new one.

As you know, “How you do One thing is How you do Everything in your Life”.

After all, as Elon Musk said:

If something is important enough, you do it even if the Odds are not in your favor.

So why not try this easy method next time.

Until next time…

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